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Aug 16

Just a tiny confession….

So my dad went home this morning (on a 6:00 am flight…gaaaak…I had to get up at 4:00 am to drive him to the airport…sorry but it’s the freakin’ middle of the freakin night!) and I was really glad to spend the last two weeks with him and we had a GREAT road trip but it is also really great to be home and now finally I have my house to myself and do exactly what I want to do and not feel guilty about working while my dad is visiting. There. I said it. I love my dad but I was also REALLY ready to have my 86 year old dad who is really sweet and well-meaning but really nosy STOP following me around all day asking strange questions about my political views while I am trying to get a complicated Victorian steampunk costume ready for a fitting.

AND….I am also really glad I have a nice safe place like Tumblr to express these opinions. PLUS you guys REALLY make me laugh. At the weirdest stuff.

So thank you, Tumblr friends.



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